What version of WOTR is on this site for download?

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What version of WOTR is on this site for download?

Post by Joe Blow » Tue Oct 02, 2007 12:48 am

I downloaded WOTR from this site and when I check under preferences, it says the game is version 1.1. Can anyone confirm that it is, in fact, version 1.1? The reason I ask is because elsewhere on the internet I came across this readme for version 1.1 and if you look at #13 listed below it says "The game speed can now be changed by sliding the top bar in the preference screen." However, when I check the preference screen I'm not sure I see the bar they're talking about. Since I just started the game, I really can't check to see if the other changes listed below are true or not.

- Wake of The Ravager Version 1.1 -

NOTE: DO ***NOT*** use save games created with ver 1.0 or 1.01 as
problems will occur.


AD&D Dark Sun Campaign Game Rules


Just as in the traditional AD&D Game, there are restrictions to the classes
available to a character, and the level to which he may advance, based on
his race. Players and DMs familiar with the AD&D game will find that these
restrictions are very different in DARK SUN campaign setting, however,
because of the unusual nature of the demihuman races. Humans are always
unrestricted in level advancement or class selection. The optional rule on
Exceeding Level Limits is used when playing Wake of The Ravager.


Cleric U 12 15 16 12 12 10 12
Druid U - - 14 - 12 12 16
Fighter U 16 14 U 16 12 U 16
Gladiator U U 10 U 14 12 U 15
Preserver U - 15 12 - - - -
Psionicist U U U U U U U U
Ranger U - 16 14 8 16 - 12
Thief U 12 12 12 - 16 12 -

U: The character has unlimited advancement potential in the given class.
Any #: A player character can advance to the maximum possible level in a
given class.
-: A player character cannot belong to the listed class.

NOTE: In Wake of The Ravager, the maximum level advancement for any
character is 15th level. This is a computer game restriction, not an
AD&D restriction.


Demihuman characters with extremely high ability scores in their prime
requisites can exceed the racial maximum levels. In cases where multiple
prime requisites is used.

The bonus levels available to a characters with high prime requisite scores
are summarized on TABLE *. The additional levels listed in TABLE 8 are
added to the normal maximum allowed, reqardless of what class or race is

TABLE 8: Prime requisite bonuses

Ability Score Additional Levels
14, 15 +1
16, 17 +2
18 +3
19 +4


1) The game should no longer lock up when resting in the Pyramid.
2) The secret door to Mind Flayer Underdark should allow players to move
freely between it.
3) The chest in the Sorrows will no longer change a character into a chest
when the trap goes off.
4) Charmed or Fear will no longer stay on a character after combat.
5) The party will no longer disappear when moving through the caves of the
6) When you talk to Snaggle and give him the Potion of Heroism, you will
now get experience for returning the potion only once.
7) Tapestry will no longer trap the character in one region while moving
through the mosiac regions.
8) The volcano regions now show the correct overhead maps when entering
the south and north wings.
9) The game should no longer crash when talking to the Tyrian guard in Tyr.
10) The game locking up when transfering regions should be fixed.
11) Music playing for 1-2 seconds (combat only) then stoping for same
amount of time should be fixed.
12) The prayer spell works correctly.
13) The game speed can now be changed by sliding the top bar in the
preference screen.
14) Saving Magnolia for the second time will no longer teleport the party
off the screen.
15) The Umber Hulks will no longer act strange in combat, they should
attack the party.
16) At the end of the game, the Lord Warrior will give his speech and
combat will begin.
17) Game shouldn't randomly crash in combat.
18) When the party fixes the chandelier, the quest should continue.
19) Ranger characters will know accumulate over 1,440,000 experience.
20) When the pendant is brought to Dariya, the game will not freeze.

For UltraSound users, we recommend MegaEM. Type MegaEM -roff, then EMUSET.
This loads the SB Digitial effects. Since there is no MIDI music (just off
the CD), this is the best solution.

The PAS is not supported in Wake of The Ravager, we recommend that
you emulate Soundblaster regular or one of the other soundblasters cards.


Druids and Priests sphere of influence is denoted by color in the
characters information screen. If the level is Red, then it is a
Fire Druid, and so on.

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