FAQ:The Official Darksun Online Frequently Asked Questions~

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FAQ:The Official Darksun Online Frequently Asked Questions~

Post by Baylek Swiftbite » Fri Jul 11, 2008 4:39 pm

Q: Is the Dev team going to host the 'original' DSO server(created by TEN) for the public?

A: While we are going to host a 'new' Darksun Online game, the original server and client can not be used with out a multitude of alterations that in the end would basically end up being a total rewrite of the software. What we aspire to do is create a up to date version of the game using all available information to make it as authentic to the original pen and paper sets as possible.

Q: What is the release date of a final release of the dev teams work?

A: No release date of a FINAL compilation has been set. Please do not ask the dev team about this information. We will provide it as soon as it is available.

Q: Will the dev team be using anything from the original DSO released from TEN?

A: Actually yes. We will be implamenting all of the original graphics and audio. Game content such as quests and so on will be recreated and possibly modified due to accuracy of the story lines and Athesian history. As for in game locations, this might differ from the original DSO as the original was not accurate in its depictions of the layouts of actual buildings and such as well as geographical information. However, we will endevor to meet this issue half way. We will design our world maps based on the box set releases of the game but try to distribute the layout of merchants and such as close as possible to the original DSO. In the end the finished product will be accurate to the box sets while still keeping the spirit of both the box sets and original DSO world alive.

Q: What rule set will the 'new' DSO be based on or are you going to make a new rule set?

A: We will be using the original 2.5 rule set outlined in the second box set release of Darksun. The rule set will be COMPLETE. this means items destruction, XP loss, etc. will all be a factor in the new online version of the game. We will also incorporate the skills and powers sets as well. There are the expansion sets to the darksun series and all of those rules and there content will also be added to the rule set outline to make a complete guide and rendition of how life on athas was intended to be. On a side note a few optional rules will also be implamented but these are within the guidelines of the pen and paper rules. Details of thes extra additions will include professions and trade skills outside the range of combat and related material allowing for a more personal touch to the online experience.

Q: Is the new DSO server and client open source?

A: YES! This is an open source project, we will provide the public with working copies of all materials generated by the dev team pertaoning to the server and client.

Q: Is the dev team looking for new members?

A: Always, if you feel you can contribute to the development of this project we have setup an application system readily viewable when browsing the forums. If your having a problem finding the location of this posting, private message a dev team member and they will assist you.
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