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Website Links:

If you would like to submit a Dark Sun related link for a resource site, guild site, review site, news site, etc then please post a request on the message board.

Include information as to your own description of the site and what the site has to offer and why you think it should be added to the links page.



The official Wizards of the Coast Dark Sun resource site. Information is constantly updating and friendly staff. Athas.org covers the paper and pen style of Dark Sun Campaign setting for Dungeons & Dragons.



This link takes you to a really interesting site that is "specializing in athasian cartography". This site has a wealth of detailed Dark Sun sun maps from many regions of Athas.


The City of Silt:

This link takes you to a regularly updated page dedicated to the City of Balic. You can find many kinds of Dark Sun resources and detailed write-ups of the different areas of Balic.



This link takes you to the Baldur's Gate forum boards with discussion about a range of D&D topics as well as a topic just for Dark Sun.



  The Wanderers Chronicles:

to be added later












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