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Dark Sun Timeline

Pre History
¸ Water covers most of Athas, and a sapphire sun fills the sky. Halflings are the only intelligent race. Halfling society, led by the nature-masters, develops into a highly advanced civilization.

1st World's Age - Ral's Fury (Y1) / -14630FY
¸ Creation of the World's Age calendar by the nature-masters based on the rotation of Athas' two moons. 77 years make up one World's Age. Later renamed to the King's Age calendar.

4th World's Age - Ocean's Slumber (Y53) / -14270FY
¸ Discovery of the nature-benders, corrupt nature-masters who experiment with life in immoral ways.

4th World's Age - King's Slumber (Y74) / -14249FY
¸ First appearance of elemental clerics on Athas.

4th World's Age - Enemy's Reverence (Y76) / -14247FY
¸ Evil elemental clerics form an alliance with the nature-benders.

7th World's Age - Island's Agitation (Y14) / -14078FY
¸ War between the nature-masters and the nature-benders until Ral's Vengeance of this age. In the end, the nature-benders are defeated along with their cleric allies.

8th World's Age - Ral's Defiance (Y12) / -14003FY
¸ Nature-masters of Ty'agi attempt to expand the lifeforce of the ocean and accidentaly create the Brown Tide, which brings about the end of the Blue Age.

8th World's Age - Island's Agitation (Y14) / -14003FY
¸ The new races of The Rebirth - humans, gnomes, dwarves, elves, and others - appear across the face of Athas. Great cities such as Tyr, Bodach, and Guistenal are founded to house the new races. Last use of "Island" and "Ocean" on the World's Age calendar.

8th World's Age - Freind's Reverence (Y13) / -14002FY
¸ Surviving nature-masters create the Pristine Tower to destroy the Brown Tide. This action changes the sun from blue to yellow, destroying the halfling civilization and bringing about The Rebirth.

8th World's Age - King's Slumber (Y74) / -13941FY
¸ Ruler of the rhul-thraun, High Lord Rhan Thes-onel, leaves the Jagged Cliffs to locate any rhulisti remaining on Athas. He never returns.

8th World's Age - Guthay's Agitation (Y77) / -13938FY
¸ First use of psionic powers by the races of The Rebirth.

9th King's Age - Ral's Fury (Y1) / -13937FY
¸ World's Age calendar renamed to King's Age calendar by rulers of various cities. Dates remain the same.

9th King's Age - Ral's Vengeance (Y45) / -13893FY
¸ First reported sighting of the Messenger by a Tyrian astronomer. The comet appears every 45 years until the 190th King's Age - Enemy's Slumber when the cycle is mysteriously broken.

11th King's Age - Enemy's Fury (Y43) / -13741FY
¸ Birth of Rajaat, the War-Bringer.

55th King's Age - Ral's Reverence (Y34) / -10362FY
¸ The thri-kreen of Athas, a previously thought unintelligent race, migrate from the Crimson Savanna to the Tyr Region. Though short-lived and alien in appearance, the thri-kreen possess great wisdom and insight. The king of Tyr welcomes them with open arms. The thri-kreen give no reason for the migration.

66th King's Age - Wind's Defiance (Y5) / -9544FY
¸ Mareet, ruler of Saragar, is visited by a time-traveler from the future. He tells the king of appending doom to Athas before disappearing. Obsessed with the warning, Mareet orders his two most powerful psionicists to breach the time stream and determine the nature of the warning. They are later joined by a third psionicist.

66th King's Age - Desert's Slumber (Y25) / -9524FY
¸ The psionicists breach the time barrier and learn of the impending Cleansing Wars, Rajaat, and defiling magic. Mareet wants to warn all of Athas, but the psionicists disagree and take control of their leader. The three use their formidable powers to shield Saragar from the rest of the world. The Mind Lords are born.

78th King's Age - Friend's Slumber (Y46) / -8579FY
¸ Ruler of Urik persecutes the kreen and orders the death of all their kind in the city. Many kreen across the land leave the cities to live in the wild. Migrations of kreen from the west comes to a halt.

81st King's Age - Silt's Agitation (Y42) / -8352FY
¸ Rajaat arrives at the base of the Jagged Cliffs where he conducts experiments with the powers of life for the next 200 years.

84th King's Age - King's Defiance (Y19) / -8144FY
¸ After nearly two centuries of experiments, Rajaat discovers the basics of magic, but is nearly killed in the process. After recovering, he leaves the Jagged Cliffs and travels to the Pristine Tower to refine the magic process, creating defiling and preserving magic.

87th King's Age - Ral's Slumber (Y67) / -7866FY
¸ An unknown disaster befalls the city of Celik, which casts it into ruins. Survivors blame the ordeal on the reackless use of psionics.

123rd King's Age - Wind's Fury (Y71) / -5089FY
¸ The feral halfling scout Too'lane discovers the Last Tree atop a mountain in the Forest Ridge. This ancient artifact's location is kept secret by the halflings.

125th King's Age - Guthay's Reverence (Y55) / -4951FY
¸ After three eons of study, Rajaat emerges from the Pristine Tower to teach magic to the Rebirth races. He teaches preserving magic openly, and defiling magic in secret to those of "questionable" character. For the next 1,500 years Rajaat studies how magic interacts with the Rebirth races, and decides that humans have the most potential of all to suit his needs.

134th King's Age - King's Agitation (Y63) / -4250FY
¸ Rajaat begins a jihad against the preservers of Athas for the next thousand years. Preservers across the land go into hiding while fighting a losing battle against the followers of Rajaat.

144th King's Age - Priest's Contemplation (Y37) / -3506FY
¸ Rajaat sends all but a few of his students away. Using the power of the Pristine Tower and the mysterious Dark Lens, Rajaat creates his Champions. Each Champion is ordered to eliminate one specific race from the face of Athas in an effort to bring about the return of the Blue Age.

147th King's Age - King's Slumber (Y74) / -3238FY
¸ Kobold Cleansing. Sacha of Arala, 1st Champion of Rajaat eliminates the last of the kobolds from the face of Athas.

155th King's Age - Ral's Defiance (Y12) / -2684FY
¸ Goblin Cleansing. Daskinor Goblin Death, 14th Champion of Rajaat exterminates the last goblin from the face of Athas.

155th King's Age - Ral's Slumber (Y67) / -2629FY
¸ Pixie Cleansing. Wyan of Bodach, 12th Champion of Rajaat obliterates the last pixie from the face of Athas.









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